The Food Pantry at First Christian



When are we open?

Every Thursday - 1:00pm to 3:00pm


Are there any requirements to receive help?

Anyone may receive help from our pantry. The only requirment is a valid ID , and families may receive at least a full bag of groceries once per calendar month.


How can I help?

You can help in two ways – by donating and/or volunteering.  Donations can be non-perishable food items that are currently in date or monetary funds.  Food items may be brought to the church during business hours.  Monetary items may be given or mailed to the church office. Currently the area in greatest need are volunteers to the Food Pantry .    No prior experience is necessary! To volunteer or ask any questions, contact Margaret in the church office. 

A Special Message From our Outreach Committee

We had a very rewarding 2015 with the Food Pantry thanks to YOU!  Your generous contributions throughout the year have enabled us to sustain our ministry and to continue to feed the hungry. Not only do we provide bags of food for the people who come to our pantry, but also friendship, prayer, laughter and tears. We share in their lives as we spend time talking with them, learning their names, their families and their hopes and dreams.


The year 2015 saw 1,499 households come to the pantry with 4, 793 people of all ages in those homes.


From July – December of 2014 we saw 652 households with 1,796 in the home.

From July – December of 2015 we saw 776 households with 2, 565 in the home.


Those of us who are serving in the food pantry each week get a joyous feeling being here, and helping. If you want your hear to be filled blessings, come join us on Thursdays from 1:00pm – 3:00pm. Trust us, it is well worth your time and effort! - Kristie

-Food Pantry
-Fellowship Dinners

This year, we established our Community Fellowship Dinners at First Christian Church. We invite all, guests from our Food Pantry and those in our community, to come and join us for a meal and fellowship. We try and schedule our dinners every six weeks, and have been rewarded with a wonderful attendance from our community. We have had the meals, catered, cooked on site by our congregation and brought in pot-luck style. We want to continue this meal and welcome anyone to help out with either their time, talent or donations.